Alcohol Ink Experiments

I am so glad I save stuff. I have a hard time throwing out things, no Marie Kondo in my house, everything has potential to spark joy! I have a lot of craft supplies that I’ve gathered over the years, perfect for this time of self isolating! 

One of my favorite artist-bloggers, Felipe Adan Lerma  has written about his experiments using different mediums on canvas to create a base that he could paint watercolors on, which got me curious. 

I dug out a set of alcohol inks that I’ve had for a few years, I never had the right surface to play with them on, or so I thought. I found a little bit of leftover Golden Gel Gloss and spread it over the watercolor paper, let it dry a little, and sprayed some alcohol on the paper. Then I started dripping the inks. It was so much fun! I can foresee a lot more experimenting with alcohol inks in my future!

I hope you are finding new ways to spend your time, keep creating my friends!

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