Work In Progress

16″ x 20″ Spray & acrylic paint on canvas

I almost forgot to post this! The above painting titled “Work in Progress” is the piece I submitted for the Artists Cooperative of San Diego inaugural group art show in April.

The show is called “Who Are You?” (running until May 21st, 2019) and the theme of the show is basically an introduction, or an artistic representation of ourselves, our style, and in our preferred medium. My painting includes most of my preferred mediums, spray and acrylic paint, as well as some pouring medium. The only thing missing is some asemic writing!

The thought behind the title of the painting is simply that I am constantly evolving and growing as an artist and as a human, so I will always be “in progress”! Some people immediately noticed the “T” and thought it was intentional, but I honestly didn’t even see it until after it was done!

The opening reception was a blast! There are 10 featured artists in the show and each artist has 2-3 pieces on display. Torque Moto Cafe in North Park provided food and libations for the guests, and we even had live music! We had a great turn out, and it was really cool to meet so many other inspirational artists, I can’t wait for the next show!


  1. I like the spiky “T” over the somewhat orderly, yet chaotic background. The T is like a barrier between the viewer and the action behind it.

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