Meet the Artist

Photo by Xavier Bailey Photography

Tiffany Arp-Daleo has over 20 years experience painting in San Diego, Ca. Working primarily with acrylics and oils in abstract and mixed media, she has developed a unique painting style described as Bohemian Abstract. Her paintings will catch your eye with bold contrast, gobs of rich color, and layers of texture.

The main influences in Tiffany’s artwork are music and life experience. She spends much of her free time traveling, attending concerts, mingling with other artists and creatives in search of new inspiration.

Tiffany loves to explore all things creative; writing, drawing, painting, pyrography, jewelry making, working with polymer clay and ceramics. All her creations are original, derived from the heart, and born out of a need to consistently create and explore the unknown.

Though primarily self-taught, Tiffany has studied art fundamentals from artists Dot Renshaw, and William Powell, in addition to online tutorials and instructional videos.

In addition to painting, Tiffany loves to create and assemble collages and “contraptions” using materials found in nature. Sticks, twine, rocks, feathers, leaves, pine cones, pine needles, pressed flowers, etc, are some of her favorite materials to work with.

Memberships & Associations

Escondido Arts Partnership – Associate member

San Diego Artists Cooperative – Creative Assistant