In The Past

24″ x 36″ Mixed Media on canvas

I felt it was time to do a large painting, I’ve been fixated on the desktop art for a while, I needed to stretch out my creative arms!

“In The Past” started with acrylic, then spray paint was added, and then some pouring medium was introduced with the silver paint. That didn’t turn out the way I wanted and I almost scrapped it, but with some strategically placed asemic markings with gel sticks, and some more acrylic paint, I think it turned out quite interesting.

A bit haunting, dark and deep, full of mystery with many stories to unfold. Anyone who has ever been confined against their will, might understand where I am coming from.



  1. Outer limits, twilight zone, post apocalyptic sensibilities, with architectural elements and graffitiesque overtones. Tagged by Tiffiny?

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      1. I’m happy to see your graffiti skills show in your artwork. I’ve never tagged a wall, building or bridge other than peeing on them. Does that count?

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  2. I really like the style of this creation. it provokes the dina donning of the imagination. the mind energetically seeks the elements -observed within this creation – in its memory to reconstruct the surrealist image.
    Bravo dear artist friend Tiff any


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