16″ x 20″ Acrylic on Canvas

I call this one Spellbound in tribute to Siouxsie and the Banshees. Another one of my favorite bands of my youth. Mostly because I just couldn’t come up with another title, and maybe there is something spellbinding about this painting?

Ah, the mid 1980’s. I was very young and very defiant. A rebel. Or, just a typical teenager trying to figure it all out.

I was also into Goth. The clothing, makeup and music. It was around this time that I really started to take an interest in art. I really wanted to learn about stuff. I started researching and reading about artist like Andy Warhol, Salvador Dali and Jackson Pollack. I didn’t realize until recently, that I have always been drawn to abstract artists.

Ha ha! This was me in 1985, (on left) hardly wearing any makeup at all. Really, it was usually VERY dramatic!


  1. Beautiful painting. I love the light forest-like foreground rising into the purples and blacks. It’s like a forest burning white.

    Your painting would have gone well with a production we did around 1995 called “Spellbound”. It was a drama based on flamenco and mideastern dance. I composed, arranged and performed the music for the show, and my wife was the lead character and dancer. One of our friends we studied flamenco with, was also into mideastern dance, music and SCA performances, wrote the script. She and my wife choreographed the dances. We performed several nights at a cultural center theater in Albuquerque.

    I’ve heard of Siouxsie and the Banshees, but I’m not familiar with their music. You look like a rebel in the photo.

    Have you been to the National Gallery in D.C. to see Pollacks’ paintings? I really liked them in art history classes, but they blew me away in person. I could hardly stop looking at them.

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    1. Wow, you really are diverse in your artistic talents, your production sounds awesome! I have not been to DC yet, but I have heard about the exhibition, a must see as I am a huge fan of Pollacks work! Thanks for stopping by Timothy!

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      1. You would love Pollack in person. You also mentioned you like Andy Warhol. I posted a photo of Laurie doing her impression of Elizabeth Tayler in front of a B&W of Andy Warhol’s “Elizabeth Tayler” at the Center Pompidou in Paris in 2013. You can see it at https://wp.me/p1yQyy-1nV.

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  2. Nice work, Tiffany!

    And your photo brought back memories of the post-punk UK music scene.
    I saw the Banshees quite a few times around 1980-83.
    (Sadly, I’m a bit too old for the leather and make-up, now!)

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      1. Yes: I met quite a few musicians in those days, and spend good times backstage.
        But Siouxsie’s persona was more distant than most. Alas, I didn’t get to chat with her, though she sang at me, just a few feet away, so the eye contact was nice.

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  3. Dear prudence, I like Dali and some abstract art is like going to a foreign country when you can’t understand the language. There’s a kind of beauty in not being able to understand a word. Peut-etre…

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