18″ x 18″ x 1.5″ Mixed media on canvas

“Concentric” is right up there as one of my favorite paintings. It’s complex, yet simple. Bright, but somewhat dark. I think it circles around the obvious, but the obvious is only clear in the eye of the beholder. We all have different truths. We are all unique.

I love layering. This piece is actually four different paintings all combined together, two woven paintings placed on top of another one, and then I added touches on top of that.

Please contact me for more information, to request additional photos of this piece, (or any others), or if you just want to tell me to have a great day, I’m here for you!



  1. Tiffany, your pics – in contrast to most abstracts I see – almost always conjure up images for me and this is no exception, in fact it practically bursts with possibilities – a carriage on wheels, a little girl with whirls of pixies and colors of ribbons flying i circles as she goes gleefully through life – and definitely this positive motion of exuberance! ❀️

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        1. Oh my yes, I have HAD to rename paintings! Recently I had one I called Auld Lang Syne because I painted it on New Year’s Eve, but not a great name. So, I renamed it Indigo in Blue, much better! But generally, I try to pick something I can live with!

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