Monk’s Mood

This painting was inspired by the Thelonious Monk’s jazz ensemble piece called Monk’s Mood. I will always appreciate and be inspired by the artist who goes outside the lines, so to speak. The more outrageous and daring the better. Thelonious Monk veered from tradition, a true artist, and I love the mood his music puts me in!

The painting was completed in many layers, over many evenings. The title was suggested by my husband, who is the jazz expert in the family.

I’ve been very contemplative lately. You see, today is my 49th birthday. Yay. I’ve never been bothered by a birthday number before, until this one. Probably because my father died of heart complications when he was 49, so this is a weird one for me.

My Dad lived a full and adventurous life, we were very close. He inspired so many friends and family, he literally lived each day to the fullest. The lessons he taught me in the short 25 years I had with him were immeasurable, imperative, and a part of me everyday.

So, happy birthday to me! Thank you to all my friends, may we all live long and prosper!



  1. What a wonderful way to celebrate your birthday, Tiffany, with the love & memory of your father! Loved your descriptive process – layering does so much for a work. I can’t help but think how joyful & thoughtful this piece is in person ❤️

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  2. O wow 😳…this is stunning so many wonderful things that blend together. Happy belated birthday. True expression of your heart and great way to remember your father. I’m going to have to find that Jazz music. Take care and remember age is just a number. I’m 41 myself but I don’t feel like it. My heart and mind are still young and like your father, I also try to live every day to the fullest. Take care ☺️

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