18″ x 36″ Mixed media on cnavas

I painted the original piece several years ago, (I can’t find the original post?) it got some love, but not enough for someone to buy it. After enjoying it on my living room wall for a while, I decided it was time for a change.

Here in San Diego, we support our LBGTQ family and friends with Pride from June to July, every EVERYTHING is rainbows! The big parade will be held on July 16th this year and it is expected to be bigger (like 300,000+ people!) and crazier than ever since it didn’t happen at all the last two years!šŸŒˆ

I’ve been known to support by painting the steps to our house in rainbow colored chalk, we hang rainbow flags, we colored our hair, we really get into it!

Please enjoy the YouTube video I made of the actual rainbow transformation, it’s kind of long, go ahead and fast forward!šŸ˜‰



    1. Thank you much for taking the time, Michele! Yep, Pride is a BIG deal in this town, and it sounds like several other large cities canceled their parades so they will all be joining ours, sure to be insane!

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  1. Nice one, T! šŸŒˆ


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