The Prettiest Star

7” x 11” Watercolor on paper

This is a simple doodle I did with my Arteza watercolor pens while lost in my thoughts. My thoughts and doodles often flow with the music I’m listening to, here, I’m obviously channeling the Great David Bowie, and one of my favorite tracks off Aladdin Sane, please enjoy!



  1. As always I love the colors you use – are these pencils you dip in water? I’ve got some and I’ve tried using them I find that things don’t work out as I envisage… Maybe I just need practice?

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    1. Hi Simon! The Arteza pens are so cool, they are water-based ink pens with an actual brush built in, the colors are bright and strong, then you can mellow them out with water to soften and blend, they are fantastic to play with! I bought a set on Amazon.


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