In The Past

12” x 12” acrylic on canvas

This painting was a redo, a cover-up, the original painting was kinda lame in my opinion. But this one I really love!

Of course, it’s an intuitively created abstract, but I saw the face with the curly red/pink hair and decided to go with it.

I see her flying upwards but looking back, perhaps at a past that no longer serves her. Mistakes, regrets, lessons learned, and the experiences that shape us and make us stronger. We can always move forward as long as we learn from the past.

Have a wonderful week friends! Let your creative spirit fly untethered and free!



  1. I literally see a beautiful woman in the air, with thick red hair ( like your own) and a lovely bold dress. It is remarkable and I also see a skull. Gorgeous, Bravo, Tiffany – love you sweety.

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