Sound of Silver


“Sound of Silver” is an 11″ x 14″ mixed media collage on paper. Watercolor, mixed media gel sticks, gouache, and cut-up pastel paintings, yep, that’s a real mix of media! Oh, and I used silver metallic spray paint (it’s hard to see their shininess in this photo) for the silver squares.

I’m not sure which direction I prefer this painting, so I didn’t sign the front, but I did sign the back of the paper.

Which direction appeals to you?


I love the band LCD Soundsystem! My husband and I were lucky enough to see them live in concert on our honeymoon in 2010, it was an epic show! I will include a link to the album on YouTube link if you are curious, it’s definitely one of the best albums to dance/workout to! 🙂



  1. Love it horizontal pick up sticks in action has me imagining days with my sisters. 💜 Excited to take in your band selection as well, friend. Thanks for sharing both.


  2. Interesting band! I do like them — although it’s so far from what I listen to. But, in all reality, it’s not. Music is music. And rhythm is rhythm. And btw — I like the vertical painting. I love the texture, and I’d love to see the silver reflections.


  3. Hmmmm, tough choice… I’d maybe go vertical… but the other way up, hinting at a teetering, unstable, top-heavy structure with a couple of suggestive roof diagonals…



  4. A new fav-of fav’s!!!👏👏👏 This ROCKS! I love all of it. And yes, the orientations are very cool. I also like it if you rotate the 1st image to the right. It looks almost like a person seated at a table or desk. Always ♥️ cut paper & bright colors. Those gel things sound yummy! 🥰


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