Oso Flaco Lake, Guadalupe

This was one of my favorite adventures on our recent visit up to Santa Barbara County. It is a hike located in the town of Guadalupe, CA in the Santa Maria Valley.

The hike starts down a dirt road lined with plenty of poison oak, hemlock and beautiful wildflowers, then, as you approach the marsh, a nice wooden footbridge appears, and you are walking over Oso Flaco Lake! It’s a bird watchers paradise and the day we were there the fog concealed the surrounding dunes and lightly floated over the water.

You follow the wooded path over the freshwater lake for a mile or so, then suddenly you are walking through sand dunes that lead you to the Pacific ocean!

My cousin is the editor of Edible Santa Barbara, a fantastic publication hightlighting food and wine of the local area, so she knows all the fun and interesting things to do, she always makes our visits memorable!

I just loved the diversity of this hike, three completely different ecosystems within a 2 mile hike, I highly reccommend a visit if you find yourself in the region, a rare and delightful experience for sure! πŸŒŠπŸŒΊπŸ¦†



  1. Looks like a wonderful area to hike with a diverse landscape to enjoy πŸ‘ I like how the trees envelope the dirt road in a canopy, great plant life, the marsh and bridge looks like the perfect place to enjoy bird sightings, and finishing at the ocean is wonderful!!! Great pictures of the sand dunes, also πŸ“Έ Thanks for sharing, Tiffany 😎

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        1. This was in Santa Barbara County, about 2 hours north of LA, and maybe 5 hours South of San Francisco. There are several wine regions in California, this is one of the larger ones. Although I was surprised to learn that this region is now growing the bulk of marijuana produced in California, the tides are turning!

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  2. I am so happy when you post photos. I learn something interesting every time. Today I had to look up Poison Oak. I knew about Poison Ivy but had not heard of Poison Oak. I love the dunes and the greenery in between. The footbridge crossing and fog are beautiful too.

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  3. Your artwork is so beautiful Tiffany, I love the way you incorporate recycled materials. Your photography is really beautiful too. I absolutely loved looking at your photography page and seeing all the amazing types of flowers and did such a great job of capturing their beauty. Love that big sunflower with that incredible sunset in the background. You should put all of them on instagram too. Love you sweetie. Joni

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