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“Journey” 30″ x 40″ Mixed media on canvas

My interview on The Artist Unmasked podcast is finally available for your listening pleasure!!

Learn all about my artistic roots and how my crazy life experience influenced my painting “Journey”, as well as some very personal insight into my artist style and approach to art!

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Tiffany Arp Daleo Abstract Artist



      1. I don’t listen to them either. I know some people put them on for background, but if I’m going to listen, I want to listen. I don’t want the noise.

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  1. Listening to your podcast now. Your cover image reminds me of a photo I once saw, from aq drone, looking straight down onto a city center. Not a clue where it was but it was a modern city – streets laved out on a square grid system, skyscrapers.

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    1. Oh no! What platform were you listening to? I listened through Spotify and only noticed a few places where it got wonky, but yeah, only one channel! Thanks for listening, Matt, it’s really awkward listening to my voice! 😝

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      1. I was on Spotify, her intro was in both channels but the interview was prominent in the right channel only, I thought maybe it was my ear buds but I tried another episode, probably doesnt sound as bad without earbuds

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  2. It’s so cool you got to be interviewed. The sound is tinny and only came through on the right channel, like Matt mentioned. I had to strain to hear a lot of it. It’s a long interview.

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  3. Hi Tiffany, I just got done listening to your podcast. It is a bit scary to being interviewed. I was a bit afraid when Susi Bocks interviewed me, but she made it really easy. I enjoyed getting to know more about you. It was exciting learning that you got your art gene from your family. It sounds like you started young with your grandmother even. I can also relate to your need to finish while you are feeling the inspiration and working on a piece. It is tough for me to stop writing. I, too, will feel that I won’t be able to get that same feeling back if I stop. It sounds like you are very intuitive, and I liked what you said about sensing that everything you paint is for a specific person, for some personal connection. I felt like I understood what you meant by needing to know when the work is done and then leaving it alone. Thank you for sharing, and I feel like I see a lot more about your process and also a lot more about your intuition and how important that is to your process – except for the circle (I thought that was interesting). Perhaps that is your signature, as mine is rhyming my last two lines of a poem, even if it isn’t that type of poetic style: big hugs and lots of love, Tiffany. Great job! xoxoxxo Joni

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    1. I knew you would be one of the few that actually listened, Joni!πŸ˜‰ It was scary for me to be that vulnerable and open up about things that I don’t ever talk about! The experience was great, and now I have new insight on what I want my artwork to say, or how to explain it better, if that makes sense! Your interview with Susi was so good and had a similar free-flow format that made it easy and comfortable. Thank you again, for your love and support my friend!πŸ™πŸ₯°

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      1. It was my pleasure. I loved learning about you and did get so much about what you said. Susi is a very experienced interviewer and she was kind she. Gave me a basic outline of questions otherwise I would have been even more nervous. I didn’t mean to share as much as I did. You did great and we got to learn a bit about you. I am glad you enjoyed the process. Your interviewer put you at ease and that really helps.

        Great job Tiffany. I hope you have a blessed weekend and sending love. β€οΈπŸ€—πŸ¦‹πŸ’•

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  4. I listened to the interview yesterday. It was interesting to hear about your artistic approach. I recognise the flow, because I often go with it too, and can keep on for hours. I can force it, but it always turns out better when being intuitive. I don`t listen that much to podcasts, only if I want to learn something usually. It was a bit long, but you kept me company while eating dinner. 😊 Thank you for sharing, I really enjoyed it!

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  5. I listened to part of the interview. It’s always interesting to hear someone you sort of know through their blog. I appreciated your frankness about the tough parts of selling your work and getting your name known.

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