Series of Color

All 6 pieces together!

The color series is complete! I love each one individually and they look kinda cool all together. If you are just joining me, I did a little experiment where I used all my acrylic colors in one shade (each one has a minimum of 10 shades) to paint 6 paintings, each one representing a color of the rainbow.

As you can see, I got a little off track on both “Melancholy Madness” and “Mustard”, but for the most part all the others stayed pretty true to their respected shade.

Which one is your favorite???

I hope you enjoyed the series, have a great week, keep your smile on! 🙂



  1. I think they look great all together. As for a favorite. I’m usually partial to red (and black), but the purple people eater in the lower right hand corner really does something for me when they are all presented together like this.

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