Time and Space

11″ x 15″ Watercolor on paper

My mom is a wonderful watercolor artist, I am not. But I absolutely love playing with watercolors in my abstract way. There is something soothing and soft about watercolors that is appealing to me,  stark in contrast to my usual bright, bold acrylic paintings. 

I will have prints available soon, please contact me if you are interested!

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  1. Wow Tiffany, you never fail to amaze me. This is hands down the best painting of a hemorrhoid ring and bathroom I’ve ever seen. The first actually. Its a bit sad and at the same time inspiring. We must accept what is, as it is. Wow.

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  2. Well, I remember seeing this piece, and see I’ve already liked it, but no comment, and I know I was immediately engaged with this softer piece on seeing it. Hmm, the twilight zone of my mind 😊 Anyway, I love the soft playfulness of this; provides a nice contrast to your more powerfully pigmented pieces I think 💕 Curious, what does your mom say about this piece? I’ve only started playing with watercolors, but her work shows her experience with it, and I bet she sees things in this, as a practicing artist, that’s sometimes very interestingly different from a more casual (even if admiring 😊) viewer!

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    1. Thank you, Adan! Yes, I also like the softness of this one, and I love that it took you to your twilight zone! I have been playing with a new set of watercolors that has some really rich deep hues, color is so much fun!! Hmm, my mother follows me here, but she rarely comments, perhaps she will speak up? 🙂

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      1. I’d love to hear her take, on whatever aspect she’d like! I think it’d be (truly) awesome! It seems (and only last couple weeks becoming aware of the incredible pigments now available!) the availability of incredible colors is just bursting! Maybe for the last some years, but for me, just now, lol! Thanks ok, loving it! 😊 Do you have a current fav hue? My recent two’ve been Mayan Blue & Blue Apatite Genuine – yeah, very partial to blue, but do have some very soft greens and pinks ordered 😊

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        1. No favorite shades specifically, but I have been feeling blues and shades of violet lately! I really like using Golden brand paints, they offer so many beautiful colors and mediums! I highly recommend going to one of their demonstrations too, invaluable information!

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          1. I’d love to see their demos, live esp! I get a lot of great info on their site and have some of their acrylics, very nice stuff! ‘Course I have their absorbent grounds and lots of mediums. I haven’t tried their watercolors yet though. Soon enough I’m sure, lol! 😊 Yeah, blues and violets are so beautiful together!

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                1. I attended the demo in a gallery/art-class-space/artists lofts here in San Diego, called Ashton Gallery/Art on 30th. The lady doing the demo said it was the largest group she ever had! I want to go again with a smaller group so I can ask questions!

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