Dialed In

8″ x 8″ Acrylic on canvas

This is another one in the 8″ x 8″ small series I’ve been working on. I call it “Dialed In” because I see a pile of old fashioned candlestick phones, does anyone even remember those?? I remember my Grandma had one, long, long ago. Anyhow, I think this painting will look cool along with the others in the series.

Speaking of phones, it’s almost time to replace my iPhone 7, after all, it is already 2 years old. Nowadays, that is how long they make them last. Ridiculous, but I’m programmed like the masses, to think we need to upgrade our electronics every 2 years. As much as I hate it, I admit to being excited for the new iPhone camera features! Do you have the new version yet? Is it as awesome as it looks?



  1. Nice dials. Which just brought to mind the song “867-5309/Jenny” by Tommy Tutone. 867 was the landline exchange for Placitas, NM which is 20 miles north and east of where I live. It was weird, because my girlfriend and I had broken up a couple of years before the song came out in the early 80s. She lived in Placitas and her phone number was 867-5509. If her name had been Jenny that would have been too weird.

    I still have an iPhone SE (basically a 6s in the old iPhone 5 body). I’m not very keen on getting a new phone, but I know I will have to one of these days.

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    1. The only thing wrong with that song is that it is near impossible to get out f your head once it enters, so, thanks! That is great that you can remember phone numbers, I finally learned my husbands, but that is the only one, and I still have to double-check!

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      1. I remember a lot of the old landline numbers. But I can’t remember cell numbers. I just recently started remembering what my wife’s number is from putting in for the Rebel Donut rewards. Everything is autodial on cell phones.

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  2. Good old dial phones. I guess the push button ones were a revelation after that. Yup, the painting is very suggestive of them, having conversations, multiple conversations on the phone over time…

    I recently bought a Chinese phone that’s pretty damned good for probably stolen technology. But before a couple weeks ago I just had my girlfriend’s handy down phone from about three years ago, when she considered it too antiquated. I wouldn’t even have gotten a new one if the battery didn’t drain super fast.

    I’m hoping the new one lasts more than a couple years.

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  3. Lovely work, Tiffany…and yes, I see the dials of the old phones…my children do not even know what that is! Anyways, great colours and composition. Greetings and all the best,

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  4. I saw the inside of a fun gear box via a child’s eyes, one of the best compliments I can give anyone ❤️ Re phones, wife & I got matching iPhone XR’s last year; she’d never had an iPhone & I’d had an iPhone 5 for a “very” long time, lol! Ours have all but a few tiny things from the newest. Apple’s phone cameras just keep getting better; but their best improvement for me is the incredible built in image editing, from Vibrancy to Noise Reduction to stuff I just tinker with, lol! Either way, you’re gonna love it! My only suggestion, don’t go for the lowest built in memory storage (whatever it is now), go up at least one or more steps. Too much new tech I think, w/too much new memory usage demand to go w/the lowest memory 😊

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