Self Portrait

11′ x 14″ Acrylic on canvas

Yep, I did it. I never thought I would paint a self portrait, but it happened. It looks almost exactly like me! Lol!

I’ve noticed some cubism in my work lately. Like most of my work, the face was not planned, it just evolved, happened.

I listened to all of the Fine Artist Summit this week, it was awesome! Did you watch? It was invaluable, I am so glad I had the time to watch. The main lessons I got are to listen to my inner voice, stay organized, structure my time, and that I am very early in my career, but I am evolving and learning!

I’ve also been inspired by my 4 year old nephew. He may be young but is already showing a great imagination, he loves to draw and create, this kid has some freaky artistic talent, see below!

By my nephew Kyler


  1. Your nephew’s work is awesome, truly, Tiffany! I bet I know where he gets some of his inspiration – Aunt Tiffany! And yes, very cool self portrait! Early in your career, yes, so very true! I envy you in some ways (and your nephew & our grandson) but it’s all part and parcel ❤️

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