Forgotten Barrel Art Show

I’m finally getting around to posting about art show last weekend in Escondido, it was HOT! The temperature was well over 100 degrees and brutal. But, the winery itself was so beautiful, the staff all very helpful and nice, and the wine and cold sangria was delicious! And FYI, the tasting room has air conditioning!

Because of the heat, attendance to the show was not great, but I was happy to see several old friends from my past and the overall experience was great, I hope to do another show here, on a cooler day!

Forgotten Barrel Winery was previously Ferrara Winery, the oldest winery in the region, and has been growing grapes on the property since the 1880’s. The actually winery was established in 1932 and only changed hands a couple of times, most recently in 2017. Because of its uniqueness, the State of California designated the Winery a State Historical Point of Interest in 1971.Β  I highly recommend a visit if you like wine, and it’s a great location for a wedding or party!



      1. You’re welcome. It shows through your painting that you enjoy it. I wished I remembered how to paint. I used to know how to do the classic fruit in a fruit bowl. But now my skills are just limited to stick figures.


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