Faded Memories

There’s something mysterious about Asemic writing. What does it say? What does it mean? What language is it?? The answer is nothing.

Asemic writing is just scribbles, marks, and nonsense. It adds whimsy and character to abstract art. It can suggest a love letter, a dear John letter, all kinds of scenarios!

I’m constantly reminded that our memories fade, some of us faster than others. 😉 That is probably why I save mementos, cards and letters, photos, and even stones from faraway places. They are fun to look back on and often spark a memory almost forgotten.

Happy weekend my friends, go make some new memories!🥰😉☀️


  1. I like Asemic writing very much, maybe because it gives somewhat the same feeling I get when I read handwriting from the 18th-19th century. For me, it’s where you can get closest to a person who lived a long time ago.

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  2. I have seen those scribbles, marks, and nonsense many times in art, but didn’t have a name for them. Yes, they add whimsy and character to abstract art. Asemic writing, huh? Thanks for adding to my vocabulary today. “Whimsy” is one of my favorite words. It always reminds me of Bob Goff and his “Love Does.” Are you familiar with his writing?

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