July 2022 Favorite Photos

August 2022 has just snuck up on me. Time is flying by faster than I can keep up!

I initially had twice as many photos for this month’s Favorite Photos post, but I chose to narrow them down, I hope you enjoy!😊

My husband and I took a walk to Golden Hill Park, it’s where we got married 12 years ago! The park overlooks downtown San Diego, the views can be lovely!

I’m about to start my new full-time position at Penzeys Spices which means I’m not going to have as much time for taking photos and, well, blogging. I will always make time for creating art, but you will probably not see as much of me, I will do my best to keep connecting!

Do not touch!
Can you hear them scream??
Shady Grove hidden
My neighbor’s chicken, Helen!
So passionate!



  1. Thank you for sharing your wonderful Favorite Photographs of July, Tiffany & Golden Hill Park certainly looks like a lovely location! 👍 Best wishes going forward, my friend! 🙏☮️😎

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    1. Thanks, Phil! Yes, Golden Hill Park is just up the hill from the Balboa Disc Golf course that you mentioned before, we’ve been going there for years to play bocce, it’s just a coincidence that we ended up living a few blocks away!

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      1. I didn’t know there was another name – until today that is😎 They seem to grow all over the place. I’ve seen them in the Middle East, Far East & Australia. I always assumed they were an South East Asian plant but it seems not. Central America, the southern parts of North America and the northern parts of South America.

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  2. Nice one, T. don’t think I’ve ever seen a passion flower IRL. Looks intriguingly fascinating!


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  3. These are FANTASTIC! ♥️ the screaming flower, the orchid, the kitty, the gears (?), …. OK, all of them! 🎉Congratulations🎉 for the job! Sorry we won’t see you as much, tho. (((happy hugs))) 🥰👋

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