Fancy Tidings

11" x 14" alcohol ink on paper. Original artwork by Tiffany Arp Daleo
11″ x 14″ alcohol ink on paper

I aimed to create something light, loose, open, and cheerful, and I think this alcohol ink abstract painting is just that! In case you are wondering, the watercolor paper was primed with a soft gel gloss to get a little movement and flow with the alcohol inks.

This could be in your house!

You can find my painting “Fancy Tidings” at my Fine Art America site where you can order prints, posters, pillows and more!

Available in many sizes and formats!



  1. Beautiful with that yellow furniture especially. This piece is one where the longer you observe the more you see. I also love the white space. Looks amazing on the wall. Beautiful colors too Tiffany. I love the name, β€œFancy Tidings,” too. Sending you my love sweetie. ❀️❀️

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    1. Thank you, Joni!!! It’s sometimes hard for me to stop on a painting like this, but every now and then, simplistic works for me! The white space leaves room to imagine alternate feelings, or something like that! I hope you have a wonderful week ahead, my friend!

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