“Shimmer” is actually a very small painting, 4″ x 6″ to be exact. A mixed media painting on watercolor paper and a member of a series I’m calling my “postcard series”. I have very little storage space in my home studio, so I have been switching up my mediums to accommodate the space I do have to store my artwork!

I will draft a post to show you all the other little paintings in the collection soon!

“Shimmer” is now available on products in my Society6 shop! I do hope you will visit and take a look around, here are just a few samples!

Have a great week everyone! 💕🙏



  1. Working on small pieces has its own charm that’s for sure, with the bonus like you say, they take up less space! And gotta tell ya, for such a small piece, you’ve put a lot power and beauty into this one, Tiffany! ❤️

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