Ray of Light

9″ x 12″ Mixed media on paper

Created with watercolor, alcohol ink, my new Arteza Real Brush Pens, and acrylic, “Ray of Light” is full of optimism, which is perfect for my first post of 2021!😊

Short and sweet, I would like to wish you and yours a happy, healthy and creative 2021! If we learned anything in the last year, it should be that family, friends and community should never be taken for granted, every moment alive is a blessing, make each one count!



    1. I really like them! The colors are bright, and I like the tips, it can be very fine or wider depending on the pressure you apply. The hue depends on how much water you add, or, you can use them dry too! Very versatile, I can recommend them!


  1. Fireworks and an explosion of light and color 🌈✨🎆🌠❤🤗
    I gifted myself a new set of watercolor paint pens to start my year off with what you are showcasing here Tiffany. I love it and ❤ you!

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