9″ x 12″ Mixed media on paper

I’m not sure what kind of creature this is? I first saw some kind of moth, or insect? Is that a graveyard, or a city?? You know I love hearing your creative thoughts and stories, please share! 😊

Created with an open mind, some acrylic paint, alcohol ink, and marker pens, “Traversing” is a little bit whimsical, a little ominous, and seriously 2020!

It will look fantastic matted and framed in your home or office, the original artwork available on my Etsy shop, and I uploaded the design to my Redbubble site as well, I hope you will visit!

Available at Redbubble!


      1. I love Godzilla. He’s like total campy entertainment. Those are the good old days of silly special effects and raw film making. Godzilla does judo in some of the movies. You can’t beat that for fun and laughs.

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  1. It has transparent wings. I’m going with a cicada. Definitely an insect. A humble insect that nevertheless flies far above the city with all its sophistication, pollution, politics, problems, and covid-19. But the humble beetle, or whatever kind of insect it is, is oblivious and unaffected today in its miracle of flight. completely beneath being worthy of anyone’s attention on the ground, it is immeasurably above them in the air, and unknown except in this painting.

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