Funky Town

11″ x 14″ Mixed media on canvas

The painting “Funky Town” took a while for me to complete, there’s lots of layers. Comprised of acrylic, mixed media gel pens, oil pastels and ink, “Funky Town” is full of life and energy! Doesnโ€™t it make you want to dance?

I wish I could say I was listening to Funky Town while I was painting this, I wasn’t. But feel free to watch and listen if you’d like!



  1. I got a ‘”Hot town…” funky in the city’ vibe out of it. I like it. Funkytown is a great video and there is alot of colorful shaking going on. Your painting goes well with their theme.

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  2. Your art inspired me to use an 80`s song as a starting point when drawing a short story. Is it ok to link and refer to “Funkytown” in my blog post as a source of inspiration?

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