Funky Town

11″ x 14″ Mixed media on canvas

The painting “Funky Town” took a while for me to complete, there’s lots of layers. Comprised of acrylic, mixed media gel pens, oil pastels and ink, “Funky Town” is full of life and energy! Doesn’t it make you want to dance?

I wish I could say I was listening to Funky Town while I was painting this, I wasn’t. But feel free to watch and listen if you’d like!


  1. I got a ‘”Hot town…” funky in the city’ vibe out of it. I like it. Funkytown is a great video and there is alot of colorful shaking going on. Your painting goes well with their theme.

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  2. Your art inspired me to use an 80`s song as a starting point when drawing a short story. Is it ok to link and refer to “Funkytown” in my blog post as a source of inspiration?

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