Playing with Pomegranate

11″ x 14″ Pomegranate juice & acrylic on paper

Sometimes I get weird ideas in my head. This one was inspired by a black and white photograph I saw, probably on Instagram, all of the sudden I needed to photograph a pomegranate in black and white. 

You probably don’t know this about me, but used to write a rather popular food blog, it’s still live, not active, I haven’t written for it in many years, but I still get a lot of traffic somehow. You can visit here if you want. Anyway, I used to LOVE photographing food, now, I paint.

After the photo session, I had all these yummy little messy seeds, yes I ate some, but then I got the crazy idea to paint with the juice! You can see the progression in the series below, it was messy, the best kind of creating!

“Playing with Pomegranate” ended up with some acrylic paint added to turn it into what I see is a person rocking out with headphones on, maybe dancing or maybe playing drums? 

How it all started…. not my best work
I thought this was pretty
It was fun to smash and splatter the seeds!
Juicy and sweet
Starting to look like a painting…

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  1. An interesting old food blog. Laurie keeps threating to do a food blog, but she doesn’t have time for one, really. I see a wild dancer in your pomegranate painting. It’s great to paint with different kinds of things, found objects, etc. It’s like making music around strange found sounds, and wild animals.

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    1. Thanks, Tim! Indeed blogging takes a lot of time, as you know, but I find it so enjoyable, especially when you are writing about things you love, who doesn’t love food? I am all about using natural materials whenever possible, I have done some paintings entirely painted with coffee, I have to find those!

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  2. Abstract image of a dancer…great idea, creative and worthwhile and the results are great, you can see the time you put into this and that makes it!

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