Ice Age

9″ x 12″ Acrylic on wood panel

It’s cold and rainy here in San Diego, we don’t get a lot of weather around here so I am embracing it! It also prompts me to post this painting that I finished earlier this year. 

I see a large elephant trudging through a snowy blizzard trying to get home after a long journey. I never intentionally paint elephants, but they seem to appear in my work often. I’m going to take that as a sign that the elephant is one of my spirit animals!

So I had to look it up, what does the elephant symbolize? Here’s one theory;

In the first place, elephant symbolism reminds us that we must look after ourselves first before we reach out and help others. Therefore you should take the time to nurture yourself first. In other words, elephant meaning reminds us that we have the instincts that will lead us where we need to go. This large mammal will also show which parts of ourselves need nourishment. Perhaps we have isolated ourselves from family and should to find our way home.

Alternatively, elephant symbolism may be letting you know that have to shift your focus so that you may view the whole picture. In this case, a narrow approach will mean that you will miss something important. Occasionally, the presence of this giant mammal could symbolize that you have to unearth buried memories so that you can release them.

I kind of like that last line, as I have been unearthing some buried memories lately. I suppose it’s that time of year, I’m always a little more emotional, but this is when growth happens!



  1. Yeah, usually I have some variation or take on what your image strikes me as, but this time, Ice Age seems absolutely perfectly titled, lol! I first saw a wooly mammoth, but they’re kin, right? Love your search for the symbolism too. Definitely must be the time of year, been doing some of that searching too. It’s good to do, even if bumpy, or emotional, I think. In general, a little harder for us guys to “get into” – but we’re not immune, lol! Back to your painting, it literally drips with cold! Yet still has a searching / movement feel to it. Very nice! 😊

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