24″ x 36″ Mixed media on canvas

I’ve been really inspired by all the colorful wild flowers popping up in the neighborhood lately!

This painting started out with blue and green pastels, all the colorful “flowers” were created with mixed media gel pens which were enhanced/manipulated with a water bottle.

This original artwork is for sale, please inquire for details or if you would like to see more photos. Matted and signed prints are also available.



      1. I see a 3, but that’s about it for numbers. I definitely see flowers. I’m sitting here fixing computer programs with lots of numbers. Looking at your painting again, I’m thinking I should add a few flower variables to the scripts.

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  1. What an interesting design & process, Tiffany! And to be getting new flowers – yes! Only a few well watered well cared for places (like Lady Bird Wildflower Center) here in Central Texas get new flowers this time of year here, lol!

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