30″ x 30″ Mixed media on canvas

I recently purchased my first set of oil pastel pens and OMG, I am hooked! It’s so much fun to try new mediums, I’ve been doing a lot of experimenting lately.

“Carnival” began with a bright yellow coat of spray paint, then I added some pastels, a splash of acrylic with pouring medium, and then I introduced the oil pastel pens, that’s where the carnival starts!

Close up of Carnival, a dancing dinosaur??

I really love how easy these pens are to work with, and I have a set of 24 colors! I will be in the studio for the next 3 days if anyone is looking for me!



  1. Really colorful and festive. An explosion of colored smoke and confetti. It brings to mind the music video Vorrei ma non posto by J-AX & Fedez — Vorrei ma non posto is something like “I would like to but no room” or “ place” or possibly “…no time”. But it may be idiomatic, and has another meaning altogether. Laurie is fluent in Italian and she’s not quite getting it. Maybe you know?

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      1. J-AX is a lot of fun. I’m not a real fan of Rap, but I like Italian Rap. Italian rappers like J-AX and Fedez don’t take themselves very seriously and have fun with it.

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  2. It looks beautiful. The splash of color is so cheerful and intersecting components make a great impact. I liked colors you had chosen, as well.
    I like abstracts what others sometimes do, it is just what I am saying on my art blog: I am very good at drawing, have always been, and I love line interacting with shape and value too much, therefore, I simply have to paint somewhat realistic art. It isn’t realism, though, but my own perspective projected onto the particular subject.

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