Orange Asemic

30″ x 30″ Spray and acrylic paint on canvas

Did you notice that my signature is absent on this painting? It has been suggested by several of my friends that I should consider using only my initials to sign my paintings, or not sign them at all. I have struggled with this. Is my full name too much?

All of the research I did on signatures led me to believe that all artists should sign their full name on the front of the artwork. To me, it signifies that the work is complete. Oh, and no one else can take credit for MY original work.

So, on this piece, “Orange Asemic” I tried using just my initials, TAD, in a rather obscure style that might not be noticed if you weren’t looking for it.

I would love the opinion of my fellow artists and bloggers! Full name, or initials? Thank you!



  1. I think for sure, use your full name, but maybe keep it on the smaller side, and don’t contrast the colors so it takes away from the painting. I.e. the art night poster with your signature in dark brown on black canvas was done very tastefully.

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  2. I would say use your full name. Like you explain it’s done by you and it’s finished. TAD looks too much like the artwork in Orange Asemic. I would have never taken it for your initials signed on the painting.

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  3. Always go with what means the most for you!

    That said, I like both. A full name is helpful, and the initials are snazzy, so win win either way, Tiffany 🙂

    I myself use my middle name, since that’s what I go by; also less writing, lol! 🙂

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        1. I do tend to do that too but forgot to say, lol! Wife & I are maybe 1/3 through sorting after moving and emptying a storage area we had and we..are..tired, but happily 🙂 Yes, on the back on the canvas I usually put — © Felipe Adan Lerma + the title & year. I wish I’d put the year more often on my older work (80’s – 2000’s) but some has that & it helps me see my trajectory so to speak, or maybe I should say skid 🙂

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