Drunk Monkey

18″ x 24″ Acrylic on canvas

I was searching for a title for this painting, thinking it would be a song name, but I was just not feeling very creative since I’ve been fighting a nasty cold, and my friend Sergio called it “Drunk Monkey”, I think it’s perfect!

I’m finally starting to feel better and I have a bunch of new canvases arriving any day now, I am excited to start painting again and break out of my creative rut!



    1. Thanks Tim! I admit I had to look up Willem de Kooing’s work, wow! You are correct, it does have a similar feel. I need to “brush up” on my art history, so I appreciate your comments and knowledge!

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      1. Happy you have seen some of de Kooning’s work. Isn’t it interesting how you can do a similar style to an artist without being familiar with the artist?

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  1. i’ve no doubt you’ll break out in great fashion, Tiffany! Wife & I’ve been in a slow move for over a month (fast for 70 year olds though, lol!). Might be another month ‘fore I can really paint again, thank God for photography & writing 🙂 All the best for u!

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