Joshua Tree

My rendition of a Joshua Tree, acrylic & pastel on canvas

My husband and I just returned from a short vacation in Joshua Tree CA.

If you are not familiar, Joshua Tree National Park is located in Southern California. It is a desert, dry and hot, usually. The weekend we were there it was actually rather cool and very windy.

An actual Joshua Tree, much larger than it appears!
There are lots of art galleries and installations all around
World famous Crochet Museum
Amazing sunrise and sunsets!
So many beautiful desert flowers!
The rocks are actually really easy to climb


      1. Ahhhahaha, I bet! Only challenging hike I’ve done last few years was in Costa Rica β€” more soil and roots than rocks πŸ™‚ β€” and coming down was the biggy! I ended up using a stick from the side of the path to keep from literally sliding all the way down, lol!

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