Ship Of Fools

16″ x 20″ Acrylic on canvas

I absolutely love these colors together!

As with all of my paintings, I never really know what it will look like when I am finished, but this one took on the form of a ship early on and I didn’t fight it. I also never want to turn a painting into something specific, then it wouldn’t be abstract.

As soon as I was done, the name came to me, “Ship of Fools” is another Grateful Dead song, it was super obvious that is what it would be called. That was confirmed when my husband took one look and said, “you should name this one Ship of Fools”!

So be it.



  1. This is a wonderful painting. I really like how you can see the outline of the ship in the colorful, and very pleasing composition. I like the bold red against the calming blue, with the bubbles securing the ship in an ambiguous watery world that begs the question β€” Is it floating on the surface or sunk to the bottom of a deep blue sea? The abstraction of the ship has real appeal, and is a way for the viewer to connect to something seemingly tangible in the pallet of abstractions and colors the painting offers. Grand Funk Railroad’s “I’m Your Captain” comes to mind as well.

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  2. Ship of Fools is a great title for this painting. It calls to mind a shipwreck at the bottom of the sea. I think a few of the fools may still be at their posts…victims of the Bermuda Triangle or perhaps they sailed into the Twilight Zone. Either way it has an eerie vibe. Great work!


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