Fried and Melted

A melted electrical panel

The last few weeks have been rough.

My laptop is still not fixed so I’m reading your posts on my phone and I can’t easily engage with commenting from here.

My job has been stressful. Early in October, a transient started a massive fire/explosion in our complex electrical panel. Over 20 major and mom and pop establishments are affected. Initially, we were closed for 6 days, some stores are still not able to open.

We now have power (on and off) provided by diesel generators. They say it might be a year before they get the panels rebuilt.

But that’s not all! Last week an old copper pipe in the ceiling of my stores storage room decided to burst! 😖 Water was flowing for 6 days before the right contractor arrived to fix it.

Needless to say, I have been stressed out and working 10+ hours a day with little time off. It was difficult to relax during my birthday getaway with so much going on.

But, things are getting fixed and I will get everything under control again, eventually. Today is my first day home in 13 days, I’m not leaving my studio, it’s time to paint! 🎨 😊



  1. Oh sweet friend. I am so sorry that happened. It must be something good and I expected is coming your way. I 🙏🏼 your panel gets fixed up sooner. Lots of hugs and may your time in the studio be especially fruitful and wonderful ♥️ Birthday celebrations hopefully can come later, too. 🤗


  2. I’m so sorry to hear about the electrical, water and laptop, dear Tiffany. As you note, things will get back to normal – hang in there – and, you are a rock star for coping with all of this! Sending hugs, my friend 🤗🤗


  3. Wow, what a week you’ve had. Accidents have the strange ability to attract each other. It’s good that you finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. Take it one day at a time and things will work out in the end. There is only one way to go, forward. 🌞😎

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  4. Whoa! It many be a year for the panels to be rebuilt? Hopefully there are some solutions to help keep the businesses able to open and operate. Water for 6 days sounds like a big clean up. Sorry to hear things have been going rough for you. Hope you have a wonderful studio day!

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  5. But looking on the bright side – you got a cool Munch-esque creation to photograph courtesy of the electrical meltdown ⚡😱


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  6. Toffany, my heart goes out to you. I am so sorry that you are going through such things. It reminds me of the book my friend wrote some years ago called When Bad Things Happen to Good People. They do happen to good people and they must endure and stay strong, Best wishes

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  7. Oh, gosh — (((hugs))) — you have so much going on! Frustrating, scary things. I hope everything is doing better! This image is fantastic! It’s beautiful and intriguing and memorable. 👏👏♥️👏👏

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  8. What an awful thing for you and all the mom and pop places where we always shop when we can. I am sorry Tiffany. I sent a prayer up just now, luckily God is always there. I pray things settle down. Sending blessings and my love. ❤️🦋🤗🎈🙏Joni

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