The Wave

9″ x 12″ Mixed media on paper

My life has been a bit turbulent lately, sometimes it feels like getting caught in a huge wave that just kinda thrashes you about. You have to hold your breath, let go, ride it out, then wait to rise up again.

Prints and other merchandise featuring The Wave are now available on my Fine Art America site!



  1. I truly hope it is not in a bad way. It must be difficult to love your art and be so drawn to do what you love and are so good at and have your hours increased where there is not the time to do what you love. I hope that you are back working less hours soon if that is what you want. Sending out lots of love, Joni

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  2. 🌊 cool blues T



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  3. Agreed! The best thing you can do is let yourself be guided by the current, and you will soon be out on calmer water again. Do your best, no one can ask for more. I only need one look at the picture to recognize how it feels.💕

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