11” x 14” mixed media on paper

Update – It will be a while before I get my laptop working again. The quote to replace the fan was more than I paid for the initial laptop! It seems nothing lasts more than 2 years anymore, all by design. I’ve purchased the fan ($24.99) and I will attempt to replace it myself, or more likely my husband will! 😉

Prints of Enchanted are available for purchase on my Fine Art America site!

Have a great weekend my friends!🎨☺



  1. Laptops are tricky! I had 2 and they both crashed and I lost so many photos. Then, I had new hard drives put in both, and within a few weeks, they both crashed again! I gave up. Ha ha.

    Love seeing your art in Reader. Always so colorful and bright!

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  2. Lovely artwork Tiffany. I just saw tonight on a clip that there is a big class action suit because phones were being purposefully made for the batteries to burn out in two years. I have had to replace my computer twice in four years. That is a big expense for us. The reason, the old ones could not accept the updated chrome, which was wordpress’s preferred browser. Answer after hours on phone and in person – you have to buy a new computer. Crazy. I have been wondering about this way of ensuring that you have to update your electronics on a regular basis. Blessings Tiffany, thinking of you my friend. xoxoxoxo


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