The Dream

12" x 16" Mixed media on canvas, The Dream by Tiffany Arp Daleo
12” x 16” mixed media on canvas

I applied two coats of gesso to the canvas, when the second coat was still wet, I sprinkled some Brusho crystals into the gesso. It would have been fine like that, but I added a few drops of alcohol ink to see what happened, it dried nice, swirly and soft, like clouds! ☁️

Then, it needed some drama. The guts and emotions of the painting are in the marks made with ink. My work is entirely intuitive, so there is nothing figurative to describe, I want the viewer to let the painting talk to them, and I hope the viewer will listen, dreams can teach you things. 😉

I’ve uploaded “The Dream” to my Fine Art America site where it is available to purchase as a print, pillow or tote, among other items, or you can contact me to purchase the original painting on canvas, it’s quite lovely in person! 😍



  1. 💖 it


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    1. Thank you for stopping by, Brian! I can’t imagine not seeing all the colors as vivid as I do, although images are not as clear as they used to be, I find myself squinting a lot these days, old age has its drawbacks! ☺

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      1. LOL. We all squint. As for colours, I suspect nobody sees exactly the same colours. depends on the number of cones and sticks in the eye. So even someone not colour blind will not see exactly the same red as you do. Colours are a convention. (A friend of mine was totally colour blind. He only saw B&W. Couldn’t see a strawberry on a grass. His picked his ties. Until one night, he turned the light on at night on his balcony. And he SAW his wife’s roses. Some sort of colour with some kind of electric light. He was very happy.)

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