May 2022 Favorite Photos

It’s that time again! Here are my favorite photos from the month of May 2022!

The first grouping of photos was taken at Balboa Park, we are fortunate to live close by and visit often! The flowers are blooming!!!πŸ’πŸŒΉπŸŒΌβ˜Ί

This next group includes photos from around the house and the neighborhood, and I always include a photo of my kitty Shady Grove!



  1. Happy colours! what a wonderful place to visit!


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  2. That’s a wonderful gallery of photographs you’ve shared, Tiffany!!! Morley Field at (or near) Balboa Park is the place I played disc golf a few different times in 1998, on road trips from Phoenix AZ. It was operated by a disc golfer named “Snapper Pierson” at the time. Your black and white photograph of Shady Grove chillin’ is really cool! Have a nice holiday weekend!

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    1. Oh, yes, I recall you telling me about playing disc golf here, it is still a popular place to play, although, I haven’t tried it yet! Maybe you should plan a trip back out here and show me the game! ☺

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      1. That would be nice, my friend! I’d love to show you the game, and I’ll even share my disc golf nickname with you…it’s Phil The Basket. ☺☺

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          1. Yes, that would be nice! I haven’t played much in a while, but used to be good…in 1998, I traveled from Phoenix to play at La Mirada near L.A., and tied for 2nd place in the Southern California Championship, as an amateur. πŸ₯³

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  3. Gorgeous colors, Tiffany. You have such a talent for showing them off to the greatest advantage. Effervescent, to the point of leaping off the page.

    The greatest settings, though, are those skies! A deep, pulsing blue those of us in the relatively clouded Northeast only can imagine!

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  4. Had to visit Balboa park web siste. It looks really beautiful. We don’t have a big park like that (I think) here. Not that colourful. The closest you can get, with art (statues) and a big green park is the Vigeland park. There is a lot going on in Oslo regards to art lately. Munch (The scream) got a new museum and a new national museum has just open too. Now that it is summer I run outside as soon as I see a glimpse of the sun 😎

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