Don’t Trust Anyone

7″ x 10″ mixed media on paper

This is another page from my sketchbook. I was playing with my gouache paints, still learning how they interact with other mediums. I believe there is also watercolor, pen, Brusho, and even oil pastels in there.

It might look a little creepy, like a snappy face with gnashing teeth and piercing eyes, or, you could see all of the pretty colors all mish-mashed together encompassed by hopeful circles, it’s all in how you look at it! 😉

I’ve been super busy of late, working extra hours at my part-time gig at Penzey’s Spices, which I am still loving! My spice cabinet is abundant and when I am not working or painting, I am in the kitchen creating yummy concoctions and new recipes! I promise to share a recipe or two in the near future! Stay well, my friends! 😊✌



  1. Wonderful abstract artwork, Tiffany! 🎨 The title does fit somewhat creepy eyes and teeth. Also, looking forward to your shared recipes. 😋 Have a great day, my friend. 🙏🏼

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  2. Creepy exotic! Coincidentally, the 8 yr old grandson saw one of my bw figure works in progress yesterday and said exactly that about mine, lol! Well, I see yours as more fun house horror posing vs true evil, esp among those luscious colors 😊

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  3. ::runs back:: Wait!! You used Brusho!? So cool! How do you like it? I haven’t been able to do much art lately so I’m keeping a list of the things I want to use/do first – Brusho’s at the top of that list bec I miss it so much! It loves to mix & mingle with other paints! 👋🥰

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    1. Thanks, Robin! Yes, it was YOU that turned me on to Brusho, it is so much fun!!! I think I linked to your site in an earlier post the first time I tried it, I can’t find the post now, it’s here somewhere!😁😉


    1. Hi Inese, I’m still learning about spices, I thought I knew a lot before, but I have discovered a whole new world! I hope you continue to explore spices and seasonings, it’s not about heat, but flavor, and enhancing the food you already like! It really is an extension of art to me!😊


  4. Hi sweetie, I love your beautiful colors. I have been visiting my family and it has been wonderful. Sounds like your kitchen is smelling great. Your work is lovely Tiffany. Sending my love and hugs. ❤️🤗🥰😘 Joni

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