Scraped By The Air

16″ x 20″ mixed media on canvas, no mat

I started this one a few weeks ago, just to use up some extra paint from another painting, splashed it down, added some pouring medium, and then scraped with a large knife till I got this. I later added some thick black pen marks to emphasize certain parts.

I wasn’t sure if it was done, but when I laid the white matting board over the top, even though it covers quite a bit of the painting, it now feels complete. (this is a terrible photo!)

Same painting with 2 1/4′ x 1 1/4″ white mating frame placed on top

Since the paint is rather thin in some places, it makes me think of air. We have had some Santa Ana winds this week, if you are not familiar, that means we get these really strong, hot winds, the perfect fuel for wildfires. The dry hot wind not only puts us in critical fire danger, but everyone is complaining about dry skin, and chapped lips, another reason “Scraped by the Wind” just works!

I hope you are enjoying a calm and cool Autumn wherever you are today! πŸπŸ‚β˜•



  1. So much to catch up on, ok, here we go! A branch in whirlwind ❀️ Oh, Santa Ana winds must be something like our winter winds then, but warm instead of icecold. Hope nothing starts to burn 🀞

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