Playing With Crimson

Customized framed prints available!

Playing with all the features and settings for my designs on my Fine Art America site is almost as much fun as painting itself!

The original acrylic painting “Playing With Crimson” is only 11″ x 17″, these are images from my Fine Art America site where you can purchase any size print with a multitude of options. I think it looks exquisite as a 28″ x 36″ print, adding the second mat and wider frame really sets it off!

They even have a feature where you can vitually see the painting/print on your actual wall!!!

Of course I should be promoting the actual painting, that too is available for purchase. To me, this painting represents playfulness, intrigue, mystery and excitment! Sometimes simple is better, I think this is one of those circumstances.

Have a great Fall weekend my friends! ❤🍁🎨🌻



  1. Beautiful Tiffany, with shades of Zao Wou-Ki (the Chinese abstract painter who sells for millions). By the way I see you’re selling prints, what about the originals?

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  2. Hi Tiffany this is lovely. Is the color bright red or burgundy. This is a bit different for you but very nicely done, these colors are bright and the piece makes you feel happy for some reason I am not even sure why, it just had than instant affect on me. Sending you love, hugs and gratitude. Hope your week has been amazing. Big southern hug sweetie. Joni

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    1. Thank you so much, dear Joni! I think I used ‘cadmium red’ and added it with a little black, white, and gold, it gets a little blended in parts, creating the warm and happy effect! It is a bit different than most of my work, I always like to mix things up and try new things! Have a wonderful weekend my friend!😉🥰💕

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      1. It is a beautiful piece. You do mix your work up quite a bit I think that is part of the appeal to your work. Your recycling materials adds depth and a lot of curiosity for me actually as well. Very creative artwork. ❤️🤗💕

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  3. Love the white space for all that energy to have room to play in – wonderful, Tiffany! And yes, framing/matting can be very creative! I had a frame shop for many years & that was my outlet when I couldn’t paint – you chose perfectly! 😊

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      1. Seems so long ago now, lol! But back in the 80s, when I decided to do art shows (most were outdoors back then, very few indoors) I learned about standard sizes & popping paintings into frames, then got a portable mat cutter and starting cutting mats on the kitchen table, lol! Couple days ago (I kept some supplies from when I closed my last frame shop in the mid-90s) I stapled in some 8x10s into ready made frames & wired them w/hanging wire & screw eyes I still have left over; brought back a lot of memories putting them together for the Old Bakery downtown 😊

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