The Object of Things

6″ x 9″ Mixed media on watercolor paper

I couldn’t tell you what was going through my head when making this last night, it’s different! I just used what I had laying on my table, leftover after several recent collages. Dried and pressed leaves and flowers, watercolor, magazine cuttings, and even some alcohol ink, all went into making this one. Oddly, I had no doubt when it was complete.

An object, as a noun, is a material thing that can be seen and touched. But what about the “objects” that are there, without actually being physical? Do you know what I mean? Like when you have a piece of furniture for a long time in the same place, then you move it, but it is still there in your mind? It’s like a ghost object, it still has presence.

I think this piece, “The Object of Things” brings to attention the objects that exist but are not seen with the eye, but felt with the heart. Oh, and I just like the colors and composition! 😉😊



  1. The things that can’t ve explained or easily articulated lay within our hearts. What a beautiful composition to create a collage around. I feel this piece deeply. We all have a trunk of objects, the things inside that move us to feel. Our truths. Lovely Tiffany 😍 👏✨

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      1. That’s why I write lol 😆 God set me with all the sense settings on high but he gifted me with the ability to write about it all. That’s so kind of you to recognize my friend! You have your own beautiful way of expression through your art. Each piece clearly tells a story. I love that and I love you ❤

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