80’s Punk Stash Box

This is one of the projects I have been working on in my spare time lately, decorated stash boxes!

The boxes are the perfect size for concert ticket stubs, so I think the music themed boxes might be popular for storing your favorite concert memories. If you are like me, I save all my event tickets, and I have hundreds of them!!! But of course, you can stash whatever treasure you would like in your stash box!😉

I have plans to make more themed boxes, I’m thinking along the lines of popular bands, hearts and flowers, animals, sugar skulls, 80’s pop themes, nautical, sports – please lend me your ideas and suggestions!



  1. Very cool Tiffany. I would have liked some music on the video, maybe X singing We’re Desperate. And you could show off the box like they used to do on the old game shows like Lets Make a Deal. Maybe next time. 🚬

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    1. Thanks for the great suggestions, Mike! Yes, I love that song by X, actually, all of their music is amazing! I’ve had issues with music copyright infringements in the past, so I usually avoid adding music to videos. I’ll consider the Let’s Make a Deal box presentation for the next one! 😁😉

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    1. It’s a mix of things, there is one sticker, some printed images that I cut out, found some in magazines, and some actual objects glued in there, including a metal stud and a metal skull from my old leather jacket from the 80’s! 😆😜☠

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