Tapestry of Mandalas


Just playing with some new stencils that my brother gave me for my birthday! I had forgotten these were on my Amazon wish list, so I was surprised to open the gift and find 56 new stencils to play with!

I’ve only had a couple hours in the studio since acquiring my new art supplies, this was the first piece I did with just a few of the mandala stencils, these are going to be fun!! I love layering different colors and various designs, combining mediums and just playing and experimenting, that is what art is all about, having fun! 😉

I decided to add this design to my Redbubble shop, click here if you are interested in taking a peek at the 80+ items available with this design!

I hope you are enjoying your weekend and that you are expressing your creative side, whatever that might be, have fun, life is short my friends!



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