Lit Up

11″ x 14″ Mixed media on canvas

If you happen to follow me on Instagram, you might have seen a video I posted where I was playing with alcohol ink. If you don’t follow me there, you should, please follow and like stuff, it’s easy!

Video is still a new venture for me, I need to clean up my work space, and rig a steady mount for the camera/my iPhone so it’s easy to record my process. Please be patient with me, I have a million things on my to-do list!

My paintings are usually completed over several sittings, usually to let paint dry, so it’s never a fluid process. I suppose I should record all my sessions and learn to edit so I can make one video for each painting, which sounds like a lot of time!

I named this “Lit Up” because I see a beautiful old knotty tree lit up with lights against a pink sunset, also, I get the opportunity to share a video from one of my favorite bands, The National, doing one of my favorite songs, I hope you listen and enjoy!



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