Vintage Drafting Tools

On my daily walk last week, I stumbled upon a pile of leftovers from a neighbors garage sale, several items looked interesting so I stopped to look. An old wood suitcase caught my eye, inside I was surprised to find an assortment of vintage mechanical drafting tools. I’m guessing they are from the 1950’s, still pungent of cigarette stench.

I love vintage. I love history and imaging who had used these tools probably close to 70 years ago. In addition to being a general contractor, my father was also a draftsman. I loved going to his office after school and playing at his drafting table, pretending to design homes for the rich and famous.

I’ve already incorporated some of the stencils in my paintings, I love creating angles and shapes in contrast to my loose and abstract style, mix it up! I also had some fun taking photos of my new/old tools on the light box. I uploaded one design to my Redbubble site just for fun! Stay tuned to see some interesting new creations coming soon!    



    1. It is cool, I used to love drafting class in school, but I never took a digital or CAD class, I wish I had gotten into it when it was just starting. I have another good friend that is a cartographer, such interesting work!

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  1. How amazing that you are the one to stumble on to this delightful group of goodies. Not only did it bless you with interesting new tools to use (your items for sale are very clever and creative- I especially like your dragon fly designs.) but brought back great memories as the other person mentioned. What a blessing. I don’t believe in to many coincidences. What a delightful post. Hugs from N.C. 🤗Joni

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