Face Mask Friday!

Me wearing “Transition with Seams” face mask

Do you have a face mask for every day of the week? Do you try to color coordinate your mask to your outfit? Since it seems face masks are going to be a required accessory for the indefinite future, you might as well stock up!

I’ve been selling a ton of my masks on my Redbubble site, but they are also available on my Fine Art America shop. I have to admit, my Redbubble order took a really long time to get to me, but I have friends that got theirs within a couple weeks, so I think I just had a bad experience.

If you feel like treating yourself, or a friend, go ahead, click on the link, shop a little! Only $9.99 when you order 4 or more!




      1. It must’ve not took at all; maybe I have to register/sign in; I’ll have to see ‘bout registering or such. But it was just a short comment on that same one I really liked, the top right with the soft floral colors – it’s like 3 sections in one pic? Beautiful design 😊

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  1. When I ordered my mask from you on RB it came fairly quickly, but behind the stationery items and such. When I ordered more more recently, the masks came several weeks behind the rest of the order, so I suspect they’ve been busier.

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    1. Oh, thank you so much for your support, Jay! I never know who buys what from the site, so it’s nice to know! Yes, I imagine they are getting tons of orders lately, I hope they start getting a little faster! Thanks again!


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