Your Opinion is Requested!

I can’t make the decision. Should this painting be right-side up, or right-side down? Or rather, do you prefer the left orientation, or the right? They look completely different and I love both, but I have to decide so I can sign it and name it!

Also accepting title recommendations!

Thank you for your input!



    1. Thanks, Christine! It really is the exact same painting, the composition really tricks the eye and gives a completely different perspective, I’ve never seen it so drastic in any other painting!


  1. I like the painting right-side up, with a title something like ‘ascension of spirit at sunrise’. On the other hand, flipped is cool, too…here, and I can see a rabbit standing to face the sunset – maybe, ‘hare today, gone tomorrow’. Very nicely done, Tiffany 🙂

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  2. Either way works really well. It’s seems you have a slight conundrum about signing it because that determines the orientation. Since you need to choose, I would go with the one on the right.

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  3. Probably because I read this as a landscape, it makes sense to me with the yellow section (the sun or a sunlit hill?) in the top right.

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  4. Both are really interesting in their own right; really touch choice, Tiffany! I myself would go with the light area toward the top, just seems so much more hopeful. Title for that? Path to the Light.

    With lighted area to the bottom, I feel a sense of intrigue and danger, but not enough to offset the loss of hope and rising light on the left side version. Possible title, Exploring.

    All depends on the message you’re feeling you want to try and convey. And I only say try ‘cause folks are gonna interpret how they want to interpret 😊 All the best, let us know!

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    1. Thank you so much for your insight, Adan! I am overwhelmed by all the responses! I consulted various platforms, I will do some analytics and see what the popular consensus says, and then I will do something else, LOL! I never said it was finished!

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  5. I think the one on the right is a much darker exposure and that pink grid isnt as prominent – but have you thought about putting it on its side with the grid on the bottom – I bet you wished you never asked.


  6. Tiffany, the colours are beautiful and that blue, that dominates blends very well with its complimentary yellow-ish, however, the composition must be in the position of the story you are telling, it must be in tune with the reference of the painting. I’m sure you will know, you’re the only one that can figure that out. Great work 😊

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      1. Great! I’m glad to hear that because your reference is what dictates what the painting is and you’ve used such a great mix of colours that it will turn out smashing, you’ll see.

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    1. Thanks for that suggestion, Alison! I have often wondered about signing on the back of paintings, I think I have done that with a few of them. I ended up changing this painting a bit, and it is now in landscape orientation, different altogether! I really appreciate you stopping by!

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  7. This is really beautiful my friend. Oh I love the right side the best although they are beautiful both ways. You really do have talent and your work is beautiful. I think I would use the word lunar or moon or Luna in the title. I wanted to let you know that in the reply section you can’t get your like button to work and it just turns and turns looking for comments. You might want to chat with WordPress tomorrow and have them check it out. I’ll try to like something six times and it would turn it right back to off each time. This is the second day this is happened. Hope you can get this fixed sending lots of love and hugs your way. Love ya 🤗💕❤️🦋Joni


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