Icing on the Cake

9″ x 12″ mixed media on paper

It might not be icing or even a cake, but it is a beautiful and fun abstract mixed media collage. The colors are soft and calming with a happy glow, and I think they look bright and cheery on these 60+ products you can find on my Redbubble site!



    1. Hi Christine! I like that Redbubble is free to use, it’s easy to upload and edit your products, and it’s easy to promote. I’ve had great sales, but, I don’t make very much money, about 20%, and they have a $20 threshold you have to meet before they pay you. But, it’s a great way to promote your work, and the products have been very nice quality. Shipping does take a long time. Really, you have nothing to lose, I say try it!


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