Pearls of Wisdom

12″ x 12″ Mixed media on canvas
“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” Martin Luther King Jr.

“Pearls of Wisdom” might not offer the answer to the worlds problems, but it provides a colorful distraction from those problems. I’ve reduced my time on social media and the amount news I watch the last few weeks and I’ve really noticed my mood and mental health have improved. I’m not being ignorant, or blind, just limiting the constant barrage of negativity.

Love and light. 

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  1. “‘Pearls of Wisdom’ might not offer the answer to the worlds problems, but it provides a colorful distraction from those problems.“ – have to disagree, It’s “an” answer. It offers reminders within its colorful avenues of leading lines and mix of angular and round that, yes, life is interesting in of itself, and when we see and respond to it with the passion we experience it with, those creative outputs are life lines and reminders, not just to others, but to ourselves 💕

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  2. Nice painting. It has nice movement through the painting. Social media and news are very depressing. I don’t have any of the social media platforms other that WP, LinkedIn and Alignable. I spend no time on LinkedIn and Alignable. I don’t know why I keep those accounts open. WordPress is pretty much it, and WP is depressing enough. I un-followed a lot of bloggers who got on their social justice high horses over the last few nights.

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    1. Thanks, Tim! You are smarter than me, I use Facebook and Instagram, to promote my work, but I intentionally avoid political or negative posts. It might be time I re-evaluate my WP accounts, there’s plenty of negativity here too, sadly.

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  3. Lovely painting , Tiffany. I too limit the amount of news programmes I watch. Some may say it’s like putting your head in the sand but I don’t agree. I keep myself informed without getting too upset – for me , it’s a question of balance .

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